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Dietary supplement containing the plant extracts of Eucommia, Olive, Hibiscus and Hawthorn.

  • Promotes the physiological regulation of arterial pressure.


PREXOSAN acts by means of the synergy between the 4 plants extracts it contains – substances of great scientific value.

These extracts are obtained from Eucommia bark, Olive leaves, Hawthorn flowers and leaves, and Hibiscus flowers. This synergy is particularly useful for regulating blood pressure.



A plant originally from Europe and North America, it became well known for its beneficial action on the liver and kidneys. Later experiments demonstrated that the bark was useful for regulating arterial pressure. It also has the ability to reduce fats in the blood. Numerous studies confirm its ability to reduce arterial pressure.  



The leaves of this plant are rich in oleuropein, a functional substance that is beneficial to the heart and of great scientific value. In traditional folk medicine it was used to bring arterial pressure to normal levels in people with slight hypertension.



This primarily acts to regulate heart beat, which consequently helps to regulate arterial pressure. It improves stamina. It is a rich source of proanthocyanidins and antioxidants that nourish the tissues of the heart and the blood vessels.  



This plant, and in particular the flowers, also demonstrates an ability to bring arterial pressure to normal levels in situations when it is too high. Recent studies testify its angio-protective properties and antioxidant effects.


30 tablets


Read the instructions given on the box before taking the product.
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