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Topkrin Amino-Stem 500

Topkrin Amino-Stem 500

A hair strengthening lotion in single-dose phials, which contains Apple Stem Cells, Millet, Ginkgo Biloba, Azeloglicina, Cystine, Methionine, Tryptophan, Biotin, Panthenol and Zinc.
  • A strengthening treatment indicated for weak, fragile hair which, by acting on the scalp and directly on the hair, combats hair loss.
  • The outstanding attributes of this treatment are the plant stem cells from apple which act against premature ageing of the hair root.
  • Blood flow in the microcirculation is stimulated, which aids the perfect absorption of  active substances.
  • The various ingredients, which are absorbed by the piliferous bulb, intensively nourish, restructure and revitalize the hair, making it healthier and promoting natural regrowth.
 * helps to combat hair loss.
Parabens Free - Allergens Free - Synthetic colours Free - Animal proteins Free
NICKEL TESTED - Dermatologically Tested

is a treatment which consists of products working in synergy: Lotion in vials, Dietary Supplement, Hair Strengthening Shampoo and Anti-dandruff Shampoo, to combat hair loss and promote regrowth.
  • Stem Cells from Apple - Numerous studies have demonstrated that the use of plant stem cell extracts is an extremely valid aid for reinvigorating and protecting the stem cell pool (in our case in the scalp) from physiological ageing.
  • Millet - As well as various vitamins and salicylic acid, Millet contains numerous minerals that help to strengthen the hair (such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and silicon); all these elements fortify the roots and the hair.
  • Ginkgo Biloba - Performs a soothing and decongestant action on the skin and regulates local blood flow, thereby promoting correct oxygenation of the scalp and strengthening it. 
  • Azeloglicina - sebum-normalizing and elasticizing, Azeloglicina acts as an inhibitor of processes that cause hair loss. 
  • Panthenol - Penetrates the hair easily and strengthens its structure. 
  • Cystine - One of the components of keratin, which in turn is a fundamental protein in the composition of hair. 
  • Methionine - Like cystine, methionine contains sulphur, which is fundamental for the strength of the structure of keratin. 
  • Tryptophan - An amino acid with acidifying and nourishing effects, which facilitates the reconstruction of keratin. 
  • Biotin - Contrasts the loss and greying of hair.
  • Zinc - Extremely useful for regenerating and strengthening hair and other tissues, Zinc performs its action by stimulating collagen and keratin.
8 single-dose vials 10 ml
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