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Tidbits from Nature

Tidbits from Nature

It is a series of videos promoted by Naturando to discover how Nature comes to help our health and well-being.

The Blueberry and its

The Blueberry is nicknamed the “king of the undergrowth” and plays mainly an antioxidant action against free radicals while favouring the well-being of sight and microcirculation of the legs.

Hawthorn for pressure

The properties of Hawthorn in regulating the functionality of the cardiovascular system and blood pressure were known for some time, in fact it was called ‘the plant of the heart’.


Love for nature

We harness the best that nature can offer, incorporating its virtues into over 150 products through standardised active phytotherapeutic ingredients, selecting the most qualified partners for manufacturing, and controlling each step of the manufacturing chain in order to guarantee the highest levels of safety for the consumer.
Basing our methods on herbalist traditions, but with the benefit of new technologies, we perform meticulous scientific research aimed at developing innovative, effective and safe products that also fulfil our ethical principles.

News from the world of Naturando

The fizzy innovations in Naturando’s Stomach Line!

Research never stops, and today we are delighted to present two fizzy innovations for two gastric ailments: poor digestion and nausea.

To each their own stomach problem. Tips and “pills” from Nature

Let’s identify the various stomach disorders and look at some practical and helpful tips!