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Dolofren Patch Cerotti Terapeutici
Therapeutic patches quick relief with Devil’s Claw, Arnica and Willow
Oftalia spray oftalmico
Eye spray composed of Liposomes and Thermal Water from Cervia Springs.
Food supplement containing Melatonin, Linden, L-Theanine and M.A.T.R.I.S.® Hop
Food supplement containing Hemp seed oil and plant ingredients
Oftalia Gocce
Eye drops based on distilled waters of Blueberry, Hamamelis, Chamomile and Euphrasia. With View product.
Food supplement containing Natural Principles, Arginine, Lysine and Vitamin B6
Dolofren Integratore muscoli articolazioni
Food supplement containing Methylsulfonylmethane,Vegetable glucosamine, Phytodroitin™(Ulva lactuca L.,Fucus vesiculosus L., Sodium hyaluronate), Devil’s View product.
Dolofren Gel Massaggio
Product for external use based on plant extracts
Oftalia Integratore Occhi
Food supplement containing Blueberry, Cystine, Methionine, Vitamins and Minerals



Love for nature

We harness the best that nature can offer, incorporating its virtues into over 150 products through standardised active phytotherapeutic ingredients, selecting the most qualified partners for manufacturing, and controlling each step of the manufacturing chain in order to guarantee the highest
levels of safety for the consumer.
Basing our methods on herbalist traditions, but with the benefit of new technologies, we perform meticulous scientific research aimed at developing innovative, effective and safe products that also fulfil our ethical principles.
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