Would you like to have ready-made social media posts for Naturando products? Starting today in our reserved area, a new “Social  Content” section is available with lots of posts you can download and use on your social media; you’ll find them in stories format (1920 x 1080 px) and square (1080×1080 px) format also accompanied by text. The section is constantly being updated so you’ll always have new images you can share on your social media. The procedure for downloading the image from our website is simple and intuitive; let’s explore it together: to download the graphics, click on the gallery thumbnail and, once the zoom is open, right-click on the enlarged image, then select the menu item “Save image as”. 

Have you recently started up your social media and don’t know how to take advantage of them? Optimally communicating your strengths and rising above the competition is crucial, as is understanding the dynamics that regulate social media; so let’s discover the best practices together.

Social media: 3 suggestions on how to communicate properly 

1) Inform or entertain: When thinking about possible content you want to offer on your digital channels, it is a good idea to establish a focused communication strategy. The main drivers of social network usage are in most cases two:

  • Entertainment: to entertain your readers, it is a good idea to employ images, videos or content that can be easily used.
  • Information: in order to educate or inform your followers, we recommend that you focus on informative content such as in-depth evaluation, news, webinars or sector analyses.

2) Call to Action: One of the best practices of social media is to always use a CTA, a ‘Call to Action’, in which the user is invited to perform a certain action, such as visiting the website or downloading a catalogue. The choice of the CTA depends on the goals you have set for that specific channel.

3) Brief and effective content: Choosing the text of a post is always a difficult task, especially if you are trying to reach as many people as possible. We recommend that you not overwhelm your reader with words but use brief texts with formatting that makes reading easy. Finally, using emojis allows you to create empathy and convey emotions with your readers through words, too.

2 Tips for your social 

  •  High quality images: No one likes low definition or grainy images and this is especially true on visual social media such as Instagram or Pinterest. This is why sharing high quality images or videos allows readers to perceive a higher value of the communicator.
  •  Take advantage of the social media’s distinctive features: Each social media has a different way of communicating and target. Therefore knowing and being able to take advantage of the channel you use is important to create uniformity and consistency of content.

For example, Linkedin is a social network with a much more institutional and professional style. Instagram, has a younger target and a more spontaneous way of communicating. Finally, Facebook has an older target and that is why adopting a more colloquial tone is recommended.

Talking about supplements: watch out for the regulation!

Advertising in the field of food supplements must also comply with European legislation on health claims. In fact, curative or disease-prevention properties cannot be attributed to a dietary supplement, but only for the purposes of maintaining the body’s normal functions.

It is not the supplement itself that performs these functions but the individual substance used, whose properties are authorised on a national or European level.

We recommend that you adhere as closely as possible to the communication that Naturando provides for products, as we have a department for this!

Social media content area: lots of contents ready for you

Would you like to share posts on your social media about Naturando products but don’t know how? Now in our reserved area there is a new “Social Content” section that is constantly being updated with new Naturando product images to download and share on your social media! Discover lots of content for your social media and start growing on your digital channels!