Every day we come into contact with, at least, one of many 200 viruses typical of the cold season. Do not forget to wash your hands and to ventilate the rooms.

Also nature can help us:


The famous effects of Propolis are enclosed in its name, that derives from Greek “pro-polis”, meaning “in front of the city”. Bees use this precious element to protect their hive, their little city. The entrance tunnel of the hive is covered by Propolis. It is a physical defence used as insulation and protection against hostile environment.


Erisimo (Hedge Mustard) known as “Herb of singer”, comes from Greek, which means “I save the singing”. It is well-known in actors and singers’ world. It is also useful for people working with their voice or smokers with tone problems. Mallow works in total synergy with Hedge Mustard.