A “timeless” need: hunger pangs

When it comes to weight control, there is one need that has plagued consumers for years: hunger pangs.

Undoubtedly, you will have had a client who claims: “The stress of dieting makes me hungry all the time” or even, “I keep nibbling on food without being able to stop”. In both situations, the feeling of hunger is not physiological but emotional.

It is in fact emotions, triggered by situations of stress, boredom or tension, that play a key role in the manifestation of hunger pangs. And what comfort does a client seek in the grip of emotion?

Obviously, something sweet and tasty.

To feel less hunger pangs, you need more taste

It is precisely to meet this need with “taste” that Naturando presents the new Adipoxan Menofame Gummies, our first food supplement in gummy form. Despite its resemblance to a sweet, be aware that it is still a food supplement, providing as much as 600 mg of active ingredients per daily dose (2 gummies).

Why did we choose this form of dosage?

There are mainly two reasons:

  1. When experiencing hunger pangs, having something to chew on, particularly if it is nice and sweet, greatly increases satisfaction. This alone makes it possible to limit the search for other sweets to quench a craving.
  1. Of course, being gummy sweets, they should not be swallowed but chewed, which is also appreciated by those who have difficulty swallowing.

Also not to be overlooked is that the gummies are sugar-free and even suitable for vegans due to being free of animal gelatine.

Wherever and whenever you want … Menofame is always with you

Hunger pangs can manifest in anybody, in different ways and at different times of the day.

Naturando has also considered this. As to the question, “When should I take one?” the answer is simple: at the time of day when you feel the pangs of hunger. That is, whenever you want!

A fantastic team

The presence of Rhodiola, Gymnema and Griffonia make this product the ideal ally!

Anger, loneliness, boredom, stress … these are all factors that often lead to moments that are difficult to face. In some cases, a person will vent these emotions with food, opting for high-calorie options that are usually sweet, even if they are not really hungry. The presence of Rhodiola and Griffonia helps maintain a regular mood, as a baseline. In particular, 5-hydroxytryptophan, found in Griffonia, is the precursor of serotonin, referred to as the “happiness” hormone.

And to control hungerGymnema and Griffonia perform this function. Interestingly, it was observed in one study that Gymnema interacts with the taste receptors on the tongue, reducing the desire for sweet foods, being what is most sought-after during hunger pangs.[1]

In short, this is definitely a winning team! Are you ready to try them out?


Curated by Dr. Chiara Facchinetti


[1] Turner S. et al. Consuming Gymnema sylvestre Reduces the Desire for High-Sugar Sweet Foods. Nutrients, 2020.