For those like us working in the industry, the arrival of spring gives the green light to weight control products. As soon as the weather gets warmer, most consumers, especially women, start to wonder how to remediate their moments of indulgence during the winter period. It’s an exciting time for us, the weight control world can be a source of endless satisfaction! After months of studying and choosing the right products, it’s time to get pay back for all one’s efforts.

More than for other types of products, in fact, when it comes to weight control, developing a product that is just technically functional is not sufficient. It is necessary to meet all the demands of the consumers who, more than in any other area, change exceptionally rapidly. And that’s why we have studied the “new” demands and introduced some important innovations to our acclaimed Adipoxan line. Because we want to keep abreast of the times, to be with you 100% of the way in this area.

Is it possible for a product to have 5 different actions in Adipoxan?

In recent years we have based our Adipoxan line on a fundamental concept: the customisation of the treatment. We are well aware that everyone puts on weight differently and for different reasons, and it is necessary to assess the problems of the individual in order to understand what action to take. In recent years, we have only developed products that focus on individual problems:  abdominal fat, water retention, emotional hunger, and so on. Yet we realised that this approach did not satisfy everyone, especially the new demands that are emerging:

  • A search for multiple actions in 1 single product
  • Difficulty in identifying the problem
  • A search for a product that is easy to administer, use and understand
  • A desire to start with an initial global approach and then to focus on a specific issue

That is why the Adipoxan line now presents a revolutionary new product, Adipoxan Total Slim, a 5 in 1 product, for women and men looking for a single smart solution. This product does not go against any of our ideals and the Adipoxan method, but acts as an extra resource, to truly satisfy all your customers.

Adipoxan Total Slim: 5 actions in a single product

The first goal, by no means simple, was to obtain multiple actions in a single product, and we selected 5:

  1. Metabolism stimulant

L-carnitine and microencapsulated Capsicum are responsible for this action, the most sought after when dealing with weight loss. L-carnitine is an amino acid in our body that promotes the oxidation of fatty acids. Given its physiological action, many studies have investigated its actions as regards to weight loss. An extensive review[1], which analysed 37 clinical trials, observed its action in the management of weight control.

Chili pepper (Capsicum) is renowned for helping to reduce weight, but its use is unfortunately reduced due to its heat. In Adipoxan Total slim we selected a microencapsulated capsicum, that is, with a fenugreek coating that has a taste masking action, which masks the flavour and also prevents irritation of the stomach.

  1. Drainage of liquids

We all know how important it is to drain water retention. That is why we have also included Pilosella in the product, choosing a formulation that has to be dissolved in a glass of water, for ease of administration.

  1. Detox

The detox action of the organism is achieved thanks to the use of  Birch extract, which also drains retained fluids.

  1. Reducing hunger

Cassa nomame (which has nothing to do with Cassia Angustifolia), helps in weight control by reducing the appetite.

  1. Toning

When you approach a weight control plan, you often feel tired and debilitated, which is why the toning action of the Schisandra can be very useful and highly appreciated.

A Total treatment of Adipoxan

Adipoxan Total Slim is a food supplement in sachets to be dissolved in water; it is very practical because it can be taken whenever you want at any time of day, we recommend taking it twice a day.

It is characterised by 5 actions that work in a synergic and rapid manner in terms of weight control .

Finally, it does not contain caffeine or algae that contain iodine, so that it can be used by everyone without contraindications.

Who would I recommend it to?

Adipoxan Total Slim is recommended to those who are looking for a single, SMART solution, one that acts on multiple factors at the same time. But also to those who only want to lose a few pounds in general.

The “revolutionary” news concerning the Adipoxan line does not stop here, next month we will be presenting the second new Adipoxan  product. Don’t miss it, you’re in for a great (and good!) surprise.


Curated by Dr. Laura Rubini


[1] Talenezhad N, et al. A. Effects of l-carnitine supplementation on weight loss and body composition: A systematic review and meta-analysis of 37 randomized controlled clinical trials with dose-response analysis. Clin Nutr ESPEN. 2020