Cod Liver Oil: a treatment that doesn’t go out of fashion

Cod liver oil has been used since 1700, and its health properties were already reported in the nineteenth century. It was given to children, trying to protect them from rickets, then it was given to the elderly and the sick to reinvigorate them. Today, its use is spreading more and more. What is the reason for this success?

A Unique Composition

This oil is derived from the fish genus Gadus’s fresh liver, more commonly known as cod. It is precisely the derivation from this organ that gives it a great wealth of nutrients.

The main constituents are fatty acids, up to 90% of the composition. Among these are essential Polyunsaturated fatty acids, the famous Omega 3, in particular EPA and DHA. These essential nutrients can exceed 60%.

In cod liver oil there are also vitamins A, D and E.

The properties of Cod Liver Oil

The main components are:

  • OMEGA 3: 250 mg of DHA are sufficient to promote proper brain and visual function and keep the hearthealthy. An overall dosage of 2 grams per day between EPA and DHA also benefits triglycerides. Rising to 3 grams per day also affects blood pressure.
  • VITAMIN A: Involved in the metabolism of Iron, it supports the functionality of the immune system, it also allows the maintenance of vision and healthy skin.
  • VITAMIN D: Normally produced by sun exposure, it maintains bones, teeth, and muscle function. It also supports the immune system.
  • VITAMIN E: The best known among vitamins for its function of protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Cod liver oil has complete action and it is suitable in different situations. All this because of its natural composition.

When and how to take it

A supplement of cod liver oil can help every person and it is particularly suitable for children and the elderly. Omega 3 are necessary for growing children, while for the elderly.

It is possible to find on the market softgels that, taken during the meal or immediately after, make the intake of the product pleasant.


Curated by Dr Silvia Oberti