Video game challenges have become a real job, so much so that they are referred to as E-sports. And like any self-respecting sport, you need to train the required skills and protect yourself against the consequences of overtraining.

A gamer must be alert, fast, precise and able to make decisions quickly; in short, they can never switch their brains off!

Can our bodies maintain these abilities for long?

It can be difficult to stay concentrated for too many consecutive hours without affecting the eyesight and the eyes.

If you want to achieve good results while protecting your body, you can help yourself by reinforcing your cognitive abilities and eyesight.

How? By taking what you need from Nature!

What performances are required for gamer?

If we are used to ‘scolding’ those who play video games too much, it might be time to reconsider. Studies have shown various advantages: in fact, it seems that playing video games stimulates the hemisphere of reasoning and analytical thinking more, as well as increasing reflexes and problem-solving skills in everyday life, as well.

Undoubtedly the most required skills are quick reflexes and decision-making. When playing a video game, you must always be concentrated and ready to battle with hidden unexpected events.

How does a gamer train?

If a footballer trains his physical endurance and a ballerina her flexibility, likewise gamers must strengthen their concentration and cognitive skills.

In addition to practising daily, this can be done by taking advantage of the substances that nature offers us.

More concentration and better reflexes

As we have seen, these are the skills that are required most, but also some of the most difficult to maintain.

For this, you can take supplements that promote memory and cognitive functions, such as Eleutherococcus and Bacopa, the latter which also contributes to mental well-being. There are supplements ‘for the mind’ that associate them with substances with tonic-adaptogenic action such as Rhodiola, Ginseng and B vitamins, which support energy metabolism, so that you also have the right energy for playing.

The benefits of Omega 3 are also very interesting, substances which are derived from fish, and well known for our brain. In particular, it is DHA that contributes to the maintenance of normal brain and eyesight function.

Watch out for your eyesight and eyes

Good reflexes start with good eyesight!

However, eyesight is highly sensitive to continuous stress, so it must be supported, for example with substances such as European blueberry and marigold. To strengthen their benefits, they can be associated with minerals such as Zinc, which maintains proper eyesight, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

So this is how you can protect your eyesight, but what about problems due to screens or monitors?

To eliminate eye fatigue and strain, it is necessary to act on the eye itself, meaning, with eyedrops. However, when you don’t have time to put drops into the eyes, you can use handy sprays to be sprayed directly onto the closed eye. Even better if they are also formulated to moisturise the eyes, as looking at screens causes dryness.

If you don’t sleep, you don’t pass the levels

We have said that in this sport, the brain must be responsive, reflexes ready and eyesight sharp; do you think all this is possible if you sleep little or badly?

Many hours in front of video games make the body hyperactive and you may find it difficult to fall asleep or you may sleep poorly, with negative consequences for the day after.

Change your routine, stop playing a few hours before bedtime and devote yourself to relaxing activities. Dietary supplements containing Melatonin, which reduces the time required to fall asleep, and other relaxing substances, such as Hops, can help you get some refreshing sleep.

Get ready for the next challenge!


Curated by Dr. Laura Rubini