How many times have we tried hard to lose weight, but without satisfying results? How many efforts did not pay off or could not lead to long-lasting results? Losing weight and obtaining the desired shape is difficult, but possible. That is because there is no “magic pill” that can solve the problems. Every person is different and gains weight for different reasons. Instead of a magic pill we need to find a personalized treatment to solve specific problems. The “I live light” method   Naturando, thanks to its forty years’ experience and with the help of Dr Emanuela Corain, a nutrition counselor, has created the “I live light” method. The “I live light” method hinges on the personalization of the treatment, a guided and tailored program helping the body to lose weight and aiming at solving specific issues. The “I live light” method consists of two simple steps: the first prepares the body to lose weight and the second step focuses on the peculiar problems of each person. Each step has its targeted diet, physical exercises, and food supplementation. Only with a comprehensive approach including the above-mentioned aspects we can achieve what we strive for.   Step 1: preparation for weight loss The first step to prepare the body for weight loss is the same for everyone and does not necessarily imply weight loss; it is a phase of DETOX, which stands for detoxification. Sometimes, a person is ready and motivated to lose weight and puts effort in it but with scarce results; This is mainly due to an accumulation of toxins in the organism, which “burden” our organs, slowing down their functionality. Before starting with a new weight loss diet, it is strongly recommended to proceed with a targeted detoxification cycle to put the body in optimal conditions to raise the efficacy of products and diet. Step 2: identify the problems During the second step the attention must be focused on the peculiar problems of each person to achieve the expected results. Naturando has identified the 6 commonest problems that motivate people to improve their body image. To efficiently tackle these problems, we provide you with diet tips, physical exercises, and targeted products. Naturando identified the six most common problems and developed a product for each of them! To identify what the problems are it suffices to ask 3 questions:   1. HOW DO I GAIN WEIGHT? Is it due to fat or fluid accumulation? Or both? Why do I store fat, particularly in my legs?   2. HOW DO I SEE MYSELF? Do I feel bloated after eating or when I wake up every morning? Do I want to improve my body image?     3. HOW DO I EAT? Am I used to eat a lot? Do I eat out often? Or do I eat to reduce stress?     The products of the line ADIPOXAN can be used simultaneously to best meet everyone’s needs.