Summer has ended, cold season and school are coming. We are afraid of the seasonal disorders. There are numerous disorders during the cold season that could involve us and our children. Who does not like winter without tonnes of handkerchiefs or days in bed? And without going mad planning our life with our sick children? It is possible to anticipate and prepare our immune system against external disorders through simple precautions and good extracts.   7 simple tips: Some daily acts can help our body’s defences:

  • Air the rooms
  • Wash your hands
  • Eats food rich of vitamin C (kiwi, carrots…)
  • Never forget the daily 5 portions of fruits and vegetables
  • Use honey, for example during your breakfast
  • Use probiotics
  • Limit the stress, relax yourself and guarantee to your body the good quantity of sleep

  A continuous protection Some extracts are useful to regulate the body’s immune defence. The intestine is the most largest area of contact with external world: this is the principal gateaway of our body. Fortunately the intestinal flora defences us but winter season could give us disorders. Probiotics are important for winter season.   Naturando created INFLU SKUDO, as continued help for our body during winter season. Two species of Echinacea, associated to tyndal starter cultures, Astragalus, fermented Papaya and Zinc, that create a mix in synergy with immune system. It is perfect for adults and children. The product can help us during winter season.   First aid If our immune system is weakened, the first signs of winter disorders arrive soon. Naturando presents two solutions, as help that could act at 360° on winter problems: INFLU URTO INFUSO and INFLU URTO OROSOLUBILE. In INFLU URTO INFUSO, the traditional Honey is associated to extracts in order to benefit the upper airways (Echinacea), to have tonic and invigorating action (Aronia) and to act against nausea and localized tension (Ginger). Echinacea, Selenium, Baobab and Aronia act on immune system. It releases the balsamic power of 4 essential oils, dissolving the satchet in a cup of hot water. INFLU URTO OROSOLUBILE mixes the power of Propolis, Vitamin C, Andrographis, Grapefruit seeds, Rose hip and Acerola. It has a rapid action associated to comfortable taking through mouth-soluble sachet. It can be taken directly in our mouth, without water. The products are associated: the comfortable OROSOLUBILE can be taken with us during the day and INFUSO can be taken before going bed. Both products are usable by adults and children and they are gluten free.   For localized disorders The RIPARO line works for the well-being of your throat and vocal tone. Propolis, Echinacea and Hedge Mustard are the principal players. They are mixed in every product with other extracts in order to reach a perfect synergic effect. The RESPIRO line works on the upper airways’ disorders.