We’re still in the middle of winter. Why on earth should we talk about mosquitoes? Don’t worry, the low temperatures have not compromised our brain capabilities. If the mosquitoes have not yet come out of hibernation, Naturando has: the entire Zanzafree line is back!

We know that consumers are very demanding, when they want something they want it quickly and of premium quality. When it comes to mosquitoes, they search for a product: effective, natural, versatile. Three characteristics that are often difficult to find, but which distinguish Naturando’s Zanzafree line.

The secret behind our line

What you’ve loved most about the Zanzafree line are its two latest additions:

  • The food supplement, unique in its kind! It is based on Ledum palustre and Salvia officinalis, renowned, safe and effective active ingredients.
  • A spray with 3 actions: refreshing, adsorbing and gentle.
  • Designed for both kids and adults, the Zanzafree line is suitable for everyone.

You can recommend a unique product to your customers, for the whole family, from morning to night.


Man is the most intelligent animal, and that is why we have to stay ahead of the game. Naturando has developed Zanzafree Integratore to help you protect your customers.

Zanzafree Integratore

  • It contains brewer’s yeast, vitamin B and herbal active ingredients such as Ledum palustre (wild rosemary) and Salvia officinalis, which helps regulate the perspiration process, acting on one of the main attraction factors for insects.
  • The supplement should be taken for at least a week before your customers are required to fight this “touch war”. For example, from the week before leaving for the seaside, and then continue throughout the holiday period.
  • It comes in openable capsules so that, in the event of problems with swallowing or in the case of children (over 3 years of age), the powder can be dissolved directly in the mouth or diluted in water.


The recommended dose is 2-3 capsules per day for adults and 1-2 capsules for children.


Our Zanzafree Spray is different!

Zanzafree Spray

  • The presence of substances such as Neem oil and essential oils of lemongrass, geranium and sage, which mosquitoes find highly unpleasant, provides natural protection.
  • Zanzafree Spray also has a refreshing action due to the presence of menthol.
  • Last, but by no means least, it has an adsorbent action against perspiration (rice starch).


Three actions in one

  • And for the more fickle customers who complain about the greasy texture of these sprays? Naturando will not abandon you in this case either. Zanzafree Spray has an outstanding texture that is not greasy on clothes, is not sticky on the skin and leaves a pleasant cool sensation. Trying is believing! Furthermore, its dermatologically tested formula and the absence of DEET make it suitable for the whole family. So that satisfies even the most difficult of customers!


    Finally, we have also thought about customers who mosquitoes seem to find most attractive and who, even after taking all possible precautions, still have to deal with an annoying itching.

    For them Naturando has developed Zanzafree Patch.

    Zanzafree Patch


    • Practical, small, invisible patches which, when applied to the insect bite, quickly calm the uncomfortable sensation thanks to their clinically proven refreshing and softening action.
    • Furthermore, the absence of ammonia and alcohol also makes them suitable for the delicate skin of children.
    • Of course, we had to come up with an added “bonus”, so customers will find a practical sachet holder inside the box to carry them around when out and about.


    Don’t wait any longer, purchase our Zanzafree line now!


    Curated by Dr. Chiara Facchinetti