On the ranking of the most popular summer products, in addition to sunscreen products, we find products for mosquitoes … or rather against mosquitoes!

The consumer’s needs

The majority of consumers are searching for a product that is:


However, they often end up being disappointed, especially by the contrast between the first and second points.

Diversification: the name of the game

These types of products are widespread and easily available through various channels, with very competitive prices and little market differentiation… just consider the myriad of skin repellents you see advertised.

So how to diversify? And what can we offer our consumers that is new and valid?

Nature comes to the rescue with an innovative approach!

Naturando has created a different approach by introducing the new ZANZAFREE line.

The new line is a valid proposal for the entire family, maintaining the natural connotation that has always represented us and differentiating us from the competition, giving value to your advice.

A supplement in capsules that can be opened (for before), a triple-action spray (during exposure), and convenient, invisible post-bite patches!


The absolutely newest development from Naturando for the summer season is ZANZAFREE SUPPLEMENT. This innovative dietary supplement is formulated with Wild Rosemary (Ledum palustre), Brewer’s Yeast, Vitamin B1 and Sage, which promotes regularity of the perspiration process.

ZanzaFree integratore zanzare

FOCUS:  Wild Rosemary (Ledum palustre)

The leaves of this aromatic plant were used in Finland to protect against insects and phytotherapy is making wide use of them in lotions and sprays with the same purpose. It is widely used in homeopathy, but Ledum palustre is also allowed in dietary supplements.

The product is suitable for the entire family and can be taken starting from 3 years of age, thanks to its formula in capsules which can be opened, whose content can be dissolved directly in the mouth or diluted in water or another liquid.

To benefit from this product’s effects, it is recommended that you start taking it one week before and continue for as long as necessary.

      2. DURING

Sprays and lotions are the most classic recommendations, but Naturando proposes ZANZAFREE SPRAY, with triple action

ZanzaFree Spray protezione zanzare

    • NATURAL PROTECTION owing to the presence of Neem Oil and essential oils of Lemongrass, Geranium and Sage which are unpleasant for mosquitoes
    • REFRESHING ACTION through the use of menthol
    • ABSORBS EXCESS PERSPIRATION, which is particularly annoying on hot summer days and evenings, due to a component that is also known for use with children: rice starch.

    Attention paid in formulating the product has resulted in an excellent texture: it is handy, non-greasy, non-sticky and absorbs quickly.

    ZANZAFREE SPRAY with its dermatologically tested, mild and DEET-free formula is suitable for the entire family, starting from 3 years of age, and can also be applied several times. What’s more, there’s no need to apply the product to the skin, just spray it on the exposed areas… mothers will thank you for the convenience!

     3. AFTER

For those who simply can’t keep mosquitoes away, there are handy ZANZAFREE PATCHES. These post-bite patches quickly calm the itching feeling with natural ingredients that have an emollient and cooling effect. Clinical testing conducted on these patches has confirmed their soothing action, which takes place quickly.

ZanzaFree Patch lenitivi post-puntura


Zanthalene, Calendula, Lavender Oil, Mint and Vitamin E are some of its functional components and the absence of ammonia and alcohol makes it suitable for everyone (from 3 years of age upward).

The patches are easy to apply and transparent on the skin, and come in a handy pouch so you can always carry them with you.



Curated by Dr. Silvia Oberti