Anxiety attacks have grown considerably in the last period. They involve both people suffering from generalized anxiety but unexpectedly capture normally quiet people.

What are anxiety attacks?

Anxiety attacks are episodes of anxiety characterized by high intensity. Although they are intense manifestations, they do not accompany the individual constantly during the day, but they are peaks that decline.

We can distinguish three different causes of anxiety attacks:

  • UNFORESEEN: the person is overwhelmed by an unexpected event, such as a discussion, a quarrel, shocking news.
  • STRESSFUL SITUATIONS: in this case, the person knows that a particular event awaits you, but this causes them anxiety. Such as a speech in public or specific fears (e.g. fear of taking a plane).
  • MOMENTS OF PANIC: some people experience a disproportionate reaction compared to a daily event; in some cases, these moments of severe malaise take place even without recognizing a cause.

How do we recognize them?

Anxiety attacks manifest suddenly and acutely and are accompanied by solid reactions.

Palpitations, psychomotor agitation, wheezing, unpleasant thoughts, fear of dying are some of the most intense sensations a person can feel, but there are different nuances.

Practical advice

  • Breathing exercises ➜ are essential to control breathing, particularly the exhalation phase, which must be progressively elongated. It is helpful to help yourself with some imagination exercises: imagine a square and associate a degree of breathing; during the inhalation, walk the first side, during the exhalation of the second, and so on. Gradually the square will have to turn into a rectangle, lengthening the exhalation phase.
  • Grounding exercise ➜ this exercise aims to make you feel anchored to the ground and to do so, you need to focus on the plants of your feet and the way they adhere to the shoes and then to the ground.

These exercises are even more effective when carried out with closed eyes.

Which product is right for you?

In these cases, a product with rapid action and as practical as possible is essential.

The new ANSILEVE SOS SPRAY has been designed with these two characteristics, a food supplement with Hemp seed oil and plant extracts. The peculiarity of this supplement is its formulation in sublingual spray, which increases its practicality and speed of action.

Hemp seed oil is free of THC and is therefore free of psychotropic or other side effects. The formulation is enriched with essential oil of Lavender and extracts of Hawthorn and Ashwagandha.

In cases where acute episodes are manifested with a specific dose of anxiety throughout the day, it is possible to associate ANSILEVE SOS SPRAY with ANSILEVE capsules.


Curated by Dr Silvia Oberti