Little is said about prostate disorders, due to men’s extreme difficulty in dealing with the subject. Disorders can have an impact on quality of life, fertility and psychological status.

Prostate Disorders

The average age in which the first disorders occur is reduced, 10% of the forty-year-olds have diseases associated with a prostate problem. The professionals have an essential role in identifying situations at greater risk and providing an effective solution in confirmed disorders.

Identifying disorders

The man, who presents prostate disorders, or the woman for him, typically complains of:

  • Waking up several times at night to have to urinate
  • have the urgency to urinate frequently even during the day
  • either a stream of urine and/or lack of emptying
  • have burning during urination
  • disorders of the sexual sphere

Identify the most sensitive categories

For some men, the probability of prostate disorders is more significant, for example:

  • Men over 50 years of age
  • Men with a sedentary life
  • Overweight or obese men
  • Men who work for a long time sitting or keeping their urine (shift workers, truck drivers, cyclists, etc.)

Even in the absence of disorders, it is good to support the prostate’s well-being, changing in lifestyle and bad habits, such as retaining urine, sedentariness and excess alcohol.

Act on the causes

Prostate disorders depend on several factors, so a complete approach must include a 360° action. It is essential to work on well-being’s prostate and regularise testosterone levels in the blood and improve urinary function, alleviating the most felt discomfort.

BENAPROST: between tradition and innovation

Naturando has renewed Benaprost, associating the herbal tradition known and studied with innovative products, obtaining a complete, innovative and safe product. Benaprost is a dietary supplement made from Teupol 25P, Serenoa repens, African Pygeum[1] and Zinc.

Prostate Disorders: a complete product

Serenoa (Serenoa repens) supports prostate well-being, and Zinc maintains normal testosterone levels in the blood. Pygeum (Pigeum africanum) is a plant known in Europe, and it supports urinary function in men.

Prostate Disorders: a innovative product

Teupol 25P gives the great innovation of Benaprost: a dry extract purified from cellular cultures of Ajuga reptans. It owes its properties to a metabolite, teupolioside.

The uniqueness of TEUPOL 25P is due to:

  • Innovative production method, from cellular cultures; it is considered Novel Food
  • Teupolioside titulation of 25%
  • Continuous in vitro and in vivo studies to deepen its multiple actions

Prostate Disorders: a safe product

Both traditional and innovative raw materials are safe and have no side effects.


Edited by Dr Laura Rubini

[1] Breza J, Dzurny O, Borowka A et al. Efficacy and acceptability of tadenan (Pygeum africanum extract) in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH): a multicentre trial in Central. Europe. Curr Med Res Opin 1998