During the change of spring and autumn season, hair loss becomes more intense. In addition to changing seasons, hair loss can be affected by other factors: Psychophysical stress, hormonal changes, medication.

This problem affects 39% of men and 4 million women.

The latest news

Trichology research does not stop. The research on hair loss has allowed the developing of new components, increasingly targeted.

OXYGENTECH: Innovative found using the synergy of Nasturtium and Lupin; the application through massage on the scalp allows improving microcirculation, ensuring the arrival of nutrients and oxygen. Oxygentech works in synergy with Ginkgo biloba, Azeloglycine, Panthenol, Biotin and Menthol in our New TOPKRIN FIALE. It allows skin oxygenation, giving brightness and volume to the hair. We formulated Topkrin Fiale carefully, evaluating all the ingredients used. It has a short and clean INCI, guaranteeing quality and safety.


ANNURCA APPLE: Exclusive Italian raw material, whose cultivation takes place in Campania. It has been studied at the Federico II University of Naples for its effects.
Since 2018 there have been numerous publications on this ingredient.
We include it in our enhanced TOPKRIN INTEGRATORE, in the synergy of Methionine and the increase of Cystine and Millet.

Duration of treatment

The hair fall phase (telogen phase) lasts 3 months; During this period, it is impossible to act on the hair because it is already “dead”, and it no longer receives any nourishment and is only waiting to fall. The correct treatment’s duration reaches 3 months to act on the bulbs in active phase (anagen phase), strengthening and giving well-being to the hair growing phase.

Our best advice is to associate a supplement to a topical lotion for 3 months.

The importance of shampoo

The shampoo is essential for the scalp’s well-being that is essential to ensure the hair’s health. It can improve hair fall treatment but can not contrast the hair fall. It must be as close as possible to the scalp’s characteristics, evaluating specific problems, sensitivity, pH, frequency of washing, etc.


Curated by Dr Silvia Oberti