Everybody has intestinal disorders. Usually it is an occasional discomforts but sometimes they adversely affect quality of life. Intestine in turmoil and swollen belly show intestinal suffering.

Why have we intestinal disorders?

• Modern lifestyle (stress)
• Nutrition
• Pollution
• Food allergies

Intestine removes body toxins but sometimes it is hard to eliminate everything. In doing so, body accumulates toxins that can weigh our intestine. A lot of products help us to improve the problem but after a while the problem comes back. It is because we do not solve the problem at its roots.


• Healthy and balanced diet
• Regular physical activity
• Drink 2 litres of water a day

Natural remedies to “reset” your intestine

Chlorella: it is a freshwater algae, with low quantity of Iodine that adsorbs the toxins. It helps to purify body and the correct functionality of colon, the last section of the gastrointestinal tract.
Nucleotides: they are important components of our DNA that we normally produce in correct quantity but not enough for tissues with high needs (like intestine).
• Also the oral use of Tea tree oil can help our intestine with its numerous properties.