With the arrival of warmer temperatures and with the sedentary life to which we are forced in this period, you are well aware that your customers will start to ask you more and more advices and remedies against swollen and heavy legs. The heat and the sedentariness, together with a genetic predisposition, are two of trigger factors of microcirculation and blood circulation disorders.

We are talking about 30% of women (if we consider women over 50, the percentage will be 50%), and 15% of men.

A static and not always satisfactory market

Products on the market for this disorder are numerous and well-known, but it is a static market where there is a lack of innovation for ages. The professionals have complained about the absence of innovative treatments.
There is also an incomplete customers’ satisfaction, primarily for 2 reasons:

  • reappearance of this problem to treatment’s discontinuation;
  • a early leaving of treatment due to lack of results

This is due to the fact that on the market, there are basically two types of products for this disorder: the first type promotes the fluids’ drainage and the second type works on capillaries’ permeability. The first ones are effective at improving aliments but it does not solve the problem and, once finished the assumption, the problem will appear again. The second ones works on disorder’s cause, but they need time.

Naturando’s innovation

Naturando’s research has developed a complete, innovative and effective product, based on a progressive administration of different components: PROACTIVEN.

Proactiven’s innovation consists in modulating dose of components during the weeks.
At first, we will have high quantities of Rutin and Blackcurrant to satisfy well-being’s feeling of customers with liquids’ drainage. As the weeks pass, these components will gradually give way to Red grape, with its precious proanthocyanidins, to work on microcirculation’s functionality and capillaries’ integrity.

Proactiven permits to obtain in a short time well-being’s sensation to customer, helping to relieve discomforts linked to this problem; once this result has been achieved, it will be necessary to work on the causes of the problem, avoiding repercussions.

The innovative Naturando’s product is recognized by patent.

A path that guides the consumer

In only one pack of Proactiven you can find a complete program for 7 weeks treatment, based on 3 different types of sachets, with different color and different flavor.

The careful product’s formulation makes it suitable also for diabetic people and pregnant women; in addiction, it is gluten free, lactose free and suitable for vegans.


Edited by Dr.ssa Silvia Oberti