“You feel like you’re watching your life from a foggy window, and if the days get confused with each other”, here’s how languishing is described, the emotion of not feeling emotions.
Many people recently seem demotivated, uninterested, and apathetic.
It is not depression but a lack of joy in life. According to American psychologist Adam Grant, who described this condition in an article in the New York Times, this is the emotion that will be with us throughout 2021.

Why is languishing such a topical emotional experience?

The term languishing identifies the psycho-emotional state of this historical moment.

The term was first coined in 2002 by American sociologist Corey Keyes. More than a year after the pandemic, languishing has increased.

Disorders to be recognised

People with this disorder are entirely devoid of personal motivation.
Some signs identify languishing:

  • The person is lethargic
  • The subject is interested in planning anything, even positive events such as holidays.
  • The person tends to isolate himself from others.
  • The subject struggles to concentrate on work or studies.

Categories most involved

  • Social isolation
  • Intense emotional pain or job loss
  • Modification of their plans

Why shouldn’t it be underestimated?

Research reveals that people with depression and anxiety disorders in ten years are ‘languishing’ today.

The confirmation comes from Italy: a study conducted in Lombardy during the COVID emergency, published by the Journal of Affective Disorders, shows that people who “languished” in spring 2020 are three times more at risk.

There are some natural remedies recommended against “languishing”

  • Adaptogen substances

Ginseng is an adaptive herbal remedy, which also helps to cope with mental fatigue. It is good, however, to recommend a high-quality Ginseng. Rhodiola improves the tone of mood.

  • Supplements developed for the management of psychological functions.

Ansileve is a supplement based on Griffonia and Lemon Balm, which support mental well-being and mood tone. The product also contains Vitamin B6 that helps psychological function, and Rhodiola, Marine peptides, L-lysine and L-arginine.

Curated by Dr Laura Rubini