We are now in the period of departure, and this year we need it. So we do not get it ruined by small unexpected!
What are the remedies to be taken in a natural SOS kit?

  1. Trauma cream and contusions

It is always better to have a good cream with Arnica and Devil’s claw, also for children.

  1. Soothing cream

Sunburns, sea salt dermatitis, erythema for sweating? Calendula is one of the most appropriate remedies in these situations. Tea tree oil creams are more effective on insect bites (Mosquitoes, Horse-flies, Bees) or jellyfish stings.

  1. Lactic ferments

Intestinal disorders are the most common problems during a trip. Maintaining the intestinal bacterial flora’s well-being is crucial. Live lactic cultures with good strains diversity and high concentration are effective.

  1. Antiacid

On holiday, we usually take a break from the diet. It is always better to have an antiacid with you to avoid unpleasant disorders in the after-meal! Bicarbonate, bananas and Emblica are beneficial.

  1. Throat spray

Air conditioning, temperature changes and chills just out of the water are just some situations that can lead to discomfort at the throat. A suitable emollient and soothing spray on the oropharyngeal mucosa is the appropriate form to take on holiday.

  1. Urinary tract remedy

Millions of Italian women suffer from recurrent problems in the urinary tract. The disorders can be emphasized by the sand and by wearing synthetic clothes in contact with intimate parts (e.g. costumes). Cranberry, with its valuable proanthocyanidins, has long been used for the well-being of the urinary tract. In tablets to be carried and taken even before discomfort occurs.

  1. Labial stress

Sunburns can lead to labial stress. There are naturally based products based on Tea tree oil and coloured, to be more discrete!

  1. Melatonin

Jet lag may make sleep difficult in the first days. Melatonin, taken before going to bed, and at least 0.5 mg, mitigates the effects of jet lag. It is also helpful in the event of difficulties sleeping. In this case, 1 mg of melatonin will reduce the time required to take sleep.


By Dr Silvia Oberti