OK, so it’s a deodorant, but it can’t change your life.” But yes, it can; some of our consumers tell us that Quotidiana has truly changed their lives. Sales prove it, and continue to increase 40 years after its original launch; you prove it and so do new consumers.

Its formula makes Quotidiana Anti-odorant not only functional but also gentle, pleasant and above all suitable for every need. And that is exactly its strength.

For the few who still haven’t heard about it, or for those who have been using it for years but still have doubts (are aluminium salts really safe?), we recommend reading this article.

Deodorants vs Anti-odorants

Let’s start with a fundamental concept, our Quotidiana Line consists of Anti-odorants and not Deodorants. A difference not to be underestimated, because Deodorants merely mask the odour of sweat while Anti-odorants reduce its production.

Anti-odorants in fact perform 2 main actions:

  1. They reduce sweat secretion
  2. They control the growth of bacteria

Sweat becomes malodorous due to the presence of bacteria on the skin that break down the organic compounds it contains, which gives rise to the production of odorous substances. It must be therefore understood that Anti-odorants, through their actions, effectively eliminate the production of unpleasant odours.

Why has the Quotidiana line been so popular for 40 years?

  1. For its effectiveness: its maximum effectiveness lies in the synergy between the Aluminium Salts, which have an antiperspirant, astringent and antimicrobial action, and the selected plant extracts. Among these, we cannot leave out birch, which also reduces tissue secretions.
  2. Because it is long-lasting: by acting on the mechanisms that lead to the production of unpleasant odours and not merely masking odours, the action is obviously longer, offering up to 24 hours of protection.
  3. For its fresh and gentle action: menthol is one of the noteworthy plant components which provides a very pleasant sensation of freshness.
  4. For its adaptability: the line consists of 5 products for all your different needs.
    1. Quotidiana Antiodorant Cream in 30 ml, 75 ml or stick form
    2. Quotidiana Antiodorant Classic in spray form, for those who prefer ecological atomisers
    3. Quotidiana Antiodorant Sensitive also in spray form but for sensitive skin, as it is free of propellant gases, alcohol and emulsifiers.

Aluminium salts are safe!

A few years back we were unfortunately witness to a demonisation of the use of aluminium in cosmetics, in the total absence of scientific data to support it.

Aluminium in cosmetics is present in the form of salts, such as aluminium chloride or potassium alum (also known as rock alum).

Years later, and despite an assessment on its safety, doubts still arise, which we hope to clarify here.

First of all, the independent Scientific Committee of the European Commission on Consumer Safety (SCCS) analysed the enormous amount of data available on the safety of this compound and defined the use of Aluminium as SAFE[1]. Aluminium is the third most abundant element on earth and occurs naturally in food and drinking water. Exposure of consumers to aluminium from the use of antiperspirant deodorants is insignificant compared to that from food and water.

Other doubt

However, some people still have doubts: can the antiperspirant action limit the elimination of toxins from the body? Can aluminium salts cause breast cancer?

Let’s clear up these doubts as well:

  1. Toxins for the most part are eliminated through faeces and urine and not through sweat. What’s more, the sweat produced by sweat glands in the armpits constitutes a small part (about 1%) of the total sweat lost through the skin every day. Meaning, the antiperspirant action does not undermine the elimination of toxins.
  2. On the link between breast cancer and the use of antiperspirants, the AIRC[2]has made a declaration which, after analysing multiple epidemiological studies, states there is no evidence of a hypothetical link.

Naturally, the maximum quantities of aluminium allowed in anti-odorants are regulated: 6.25% maximum for non-spray antiperspirants and 10.60% in spray antiperspirants.

In Quotidiana Anti-odorant products, the amount is significantly lower than the authorised amount, owing to the synergy with the other plant-based products.

Quotidiana Line, a guarantee for us, for you and consumers

Our Quotidiana Anti-odorant Line is therefore absolutely safe and effective. And that’s precisely why it has been so popular with you and our consumers for 40 years.

And since you don’t change a winning game, we’ll continue in the same direction!


Under the supervision of Dr. Laura Rubini


[1] https://ec.europa.eu/health/sites/health/files/scientific_committees/consumer_safety/docs/sccs_o_235.pdf

[2] https://www.airc.it/cancro/informazioni-tumori/corretta-informazione/usare-un-deodorante-puo-aumentare-rischio-ammalarsi-cancro-del-seno#:~:text=La%20quantit%C3%A0%20di%20metallo%20che,deodoranti%20e%20cancro%20del%20seno.