Each of us is different, but one thing unites us: Tiredness! In this article, we will discover the specific energy for every type of tiredness.

Tiredness: Different energy requirements

When energy is no longer enough, we look for help from outside, even better from Nature.

To meet each one’s different needs, Naturando has developed 4 “activators” of energy, four different formulations explicitly designed to meet different needs.

1. Concentration needed:

Energia_MenteThose who study or work requiring concentration, such as the manager, the teacher or the employee, often feel “mental fatigue”.

To improve mental performance, we have formulated ENERGIA MENTE.

The presence of Bacopa promotes memory and cognitive functions, while the Rhodiola, thanks to its adaptive tonic properties, counteracts physical and mental fatigue. Vitamins B6 and B12 boost energy metabolism. Phosphatidylserine is physiologically present in the brain and neurons.

This product is also helpful in maintaining mental performance in the elderly.

2. Busy Life

Energia_Forte_PlusBusy Life can lead to tiredness and stress, causing the possibility of getting sick.

ENERGIA FORTE PLUS is the complete product for those who have a busy life. It reduces tiredness and fatigue, thanks to vitamin B2. It helps to adapt to stress. Ginseng is an adaptogen that promotes the organism’s resistance to fatigue. The wheat germ oil has antioxidant action.

The absence of exciting substances, such as caffeine, makes the product suitable for everyone.

3. Sport

1,95Practising regular sports is helpful for psychophysical well-being, but not always the energies allow it. ENERGIA READY TO GO thanks to its completeness of action can be decidedly beneficial:

  • It promotes the reduction of physical tiredness, thanks to vitamins B1 and B2 and extracts of Cola and Guaranà titrated in caffeine.
  • The product contains sugars, fructose and honey, which are metabolised by the body and muscles.
  • It supports electrolyte losses due to excessive sweating thanks to Potassium and Magnesium’s presence, contributing to normal muscle function.

Energia Ready To Go contains 2 amino acids: Taurine and Alanine. The liquid formulation and packaging make it ideal to carry it with you and take it before or during the sporting activity. It is suitable for all sportsmen, or even during a walk in the mountains.

4. Energy for the little ones:

Energia_JuniorEven the little ones need power.

ENERGIA JUNIOR is excellent for children: it contains Spinach and Acerola. Vitamins B2, B6 and C promote the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Also, Acerola helps the support of natural immune defences, excellent for dealing with seasonal disorders. Royal Jelly, a food derived from bees rich in nutrient.

The sweetness of honey makes it tasty for all children, possibly mixed with juices or other drinks.


Edited by Dr Laura Rubini