It starts with a mild discomfort in the lower abdomen, after the urge to urinate increases and the situation could change quickly. The doctor prescribes an antibiotic… but after a while, it starts all over again!

High-risk situation

Women may get urinary disorders more often than men because their anus (back passage) is closer to their urethra and their urethra is much shorter which means bacteria may be able to get into the bladder more easily.

It can be caused by:

• Predisposition
• Bad intimate hygiene during the menstrual cycle and after sex
• Improper nutrition
• Improper use of antibiotics
• Use of diaphragm for contraception
• Menopause
• Catheter


• Drink 1,5/2 litres a day of water
• Correct daily hygiene with neutral soaps
• Avoid tight trousers and use cotton underwear.
• Do not hold urine
• Control the diet, avoid the consumption of alcohol and coffee
• Take probiotics

A natural solution

Cranberry represents a valid help from nature; it is useful for promoting urinary tract functions.
Naturando creates LENICYST with:

• Cranberry extracts
• Bearberry
• Grapefruit seeds
• Goldenrod

Lenicyst has a 360° action proved by clinical trial. 20 women with at least 3 proved cystitis took Lenicyst. All the subjects showed a sense of relief of Cystitis symptoms after 5 days of treatment.

It does not end here…

LENICYST RETARD 10 has slow release formula that releases the Cranberry extract for over a period of 10 hours.
Lenicyst and Lenicyst Retard 10 can be associated also in more difficult situation:
Take 20 ml (or 1 sachet) of Lenicyst syrup diluted in a litre of Natural mineral water and associate 1 tablet of Lenicyst Retard at the night before going to bed.

*Results of Clinical trial available at Naturando SRL: Self-evaluation test on 20 women.