Water retention is one of the problems most experienced by women, who constantly look for reasonable solutions. Drainers are a practical approach, but the effects are not lasting.
Naturando investigated the liquids’ accumulation causes to develop an approach that acts at the root of the problem. The accumulation of liquids is an aesthetic question and conceal a deficit in the circulatory and lymphatic system.

What are the causes of water retention?

The fluids’ stagnation is observed mainly in the prone areas: abdomen, thighs, buttocks, even upper limbs and face. It is a multifactorial problem due mainly to 3 causes:

  • Blocking of the lymphatic system: Drainage system, which transports fluids from the interstitial space of tissues to the circulatory stream.
  • Microcirculation deficit: Alteration of the blood vessels’ structures causes the capillaries’ fragility and alteration of the veins’ function. For this reason, the fluids’ accumulation complains legs, swollen, capillaries in evidence and Cellulite.
  • Lifestyle and drugs: There are several situations, such as poor movement, extended stay in the same position and the use of certain medications, including oral contraceptives, which increase their development.

The role of drainers

Drainers represent an approach to drain fluids. They contain several substances with draining action to ensure better effectiveness.
It should be in a liquid formulation to be diluted in water to facilitate the intake of liquids during the day.
However, drainers cannot be the only approach because they do not work on the causes, so the effects will not last.

The approach to avoid the continuous accumulation of extracellular fluids

1. Act on the causes and maintain the effects of the drainer

Once the drainer is finished, to prevent problems from recurring rapidly, it is good to intervene with an approach that:

  • Maintains draining actions
  • Acts on the cause, the circulatory system

We wondered how to achieve these results in a unique product, preferably avoiding dosage forms to dissolve in water.
Adipoxan Gambe was born from these analyses, formulated in two different tablets: one to be taken in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The two different tablets help a twofold action:

  1. GREEN TABLET: it contains Melilotus, Polyporus and Centella fungus. Melilotus promotes the drainage of liquids, and Centella counteracts Cellulite.
  2. PINK TABLET: Troxerutin and Rusco [L4] [L5], which promotes microcirculation functionality and reduces the legs’ heaviness. Rusco helps the functionality of venous circulation.

It is preferable to help the drainage of liquids in the morning; in the afternoon, the circulation needs more help. Thinking of all the long-standing people or prolonged sitting due to work, it is precisely in the afternoon that the lower limbs’ disorders increase; taking the tablet in the afternoon, thanks to Rusco, ensures more significant support.

2. Develop a combined treatment

Naturando’s Adipoxan products can be associated to develop a comprehensive approach:

First Phase: PURIFICATION > to clean the body and to prepare it for subsequent treatments.
Second Phase: DRAINAGE > to eliminate liquids quickly and effectively.
Third Phase: MICROCIRCULATION > to maintain the draining effects and act on the causes to prevent their return.

Edited by Dr Laura Rubini