Pleasant taste: perfect for children.

• Prune juice is useful to promote regularity of intestinal transit, with respect to intestinal mucosa.
• It contains fibres
• It does not contain laxatives irritating for intestinal mucosa
• Pleasant taste: perfect for children, pregnant women and older people.

150 ml bottle
Gluten Free
Suitable for children from three years old

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Maize fibre, Lactulose, Prune fruit juice.

Take 1 spoon as needed in the evening before going to bed, with a large glass of water. Take directly or dissolved in water or another liquid.

It does not contain laxatives irritating for intestinal mucosa.

Each spoon (15 ml) contains:

Fibre 4 g
Lactulose 4 g
Prune juice 1 g

Dietary fibre: The term dietary fibre is defined as a mixture of plant compounds of different chemical nature, characterized by the fact that they are all resistant to digestive enzyme hydrolysis and absorption.

Lactulose: This is made up of two sugars bound together; this bond allows lactulose to reach the intestine unaltered. It also gives the product a sweet taste.

Plum juice: Plums have long been used for their natural effect in regulating intestinal transit without causing unpleasant irritation to the mucous membranes. They are used in the form of prunes and as juice.

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