Influ Urto orosolubile

Rapid action

• Vitamin C, Andrographis and Acerola promote the body’s natural defences.
• Rose hip and Acerola exert support and restorative action.
• Andrographis promotes the function of the upper respiratory tract.
• The product is particularly indicated as first aid during the cold season.

20 sachets
Gluten Free
Suitable for children from three years old

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Propolis, Vitamin C, Andrographis, Grapefruit, Rose hip, Acerola.

For adults: take 3-4 sachets daily.
For children from 3 years of age: take 2 sachets a day.
Pour the content of the sachets directly into the mouth or dissolve in a small quantity of water.

Each sachet contains:

Propolis d.e. 100 mg
Vitamin C 90 mg 112,5 %NRV
Andrographis d.e. 75 mg
Grapefruit seed d.e. 50 mg
Rose hip d.e. 50 mg
Acerola d.e. 50 mg

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