Donna Candifree DM

For all vaginal ailments

Vaginal gel suitable for all vaginal ailments, both bacterial and mycotic.
It gives a quick relief thanks to its many actions:

Refreshing and consequently soothing action for vaginal discomfort such as irritations, burning, itching and hypersensitivity phenomena. It can be applied both internally and externally.

Moisturising and emollient action thanks to the presence of plant extracts and hyaluronic acid, which reduces dryness by rebalancing the vaginal environment.

Restores the vaginal flora while keeping intact the natural defences of the vagina.

Maintains normal vaginal pH, thanks to boric acid, making the environment unfavourable to bacterial and/or fungal proliferation.

Medical Device

30 ml tube with cannula

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Based on Halobor® (complex of Hyaluronic Acid and Boric Acid) and Lactic acid with:
• Ribes nigrum
• Aloe
• Calendula
• Lavander
• Chamomilla

We recommend applying the gel once a day for 7 days or according to medical indications. For external and internal use.

Before application, wash your hands and the affected area thoroughly. It is suitable for both women and men.


Before use read carefully the instructions for use, ministerial authorisation requested on 11/05/2022

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