Calcio Fast Vegan

Rapid absorption

60 capsules bottle
Gluten Free


• Calcium and Vitamin D3 are useful for the bones wellbeing.


Calcium is one of the most valuable mineral in our body. Calcium transmits nerve and muscular impulses and supports the bone structure and activity of digestive enzymes. A lack of calcium causes bone demineralization and muscle problems.

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Recommended dose and method of use

Take 1 tablet after lunch and 1 tablet after dinner, with a large glass of water.

Rapid Absorption

CALCIO FAST contains two types of Calcium:• Coral Calcium, from fossil coral barriers, rich in micronutrients;• Calcium citrate, easily absorbable, it does not cause the formation of kidney stones.It also contains Vitamin D3 from vegetable source.


Each tablet contains:

Calcium400 mg50 %NRV
Vitamin D35 mcg100 %NRV


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