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Tidbits from Nature

Tidbits from Nature

It is a series of videos promoted by Naturando to discover how Nature comes to help our health and well-being.

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The Blueberry and its benefits

The Blueberry is nicknamed the “king of the undergrowth” and plays mainly an antioxidant action against free radicals while favouring the well-being of sight and microcirculation of the legs.

Hawthorn and its benefits for pressure

Hawthorn is famous for its properties in regulating the functionality of the cardiovascular system and blood pressure. They were known for some time, in fact it was called ‘the plant of the heart’.

American Potato and its benefits

The American potato is a typical plant of Central America. Also known as Ipomoea Batatas or “sweet potato”, its sweet taste characterizes it; among its properties is known for limiting the absorption of carbohydrates, triglycerides and cholesterol.

Hemp – Natural remedies for multiple uses

Hemp is also known as Cannabis Sativa and it is believed that its cultivation goes back about 10,000 years. It is known for many properties including the integrity of cell membranes and trophism of the skin.

Chilli Pepper and its
stimulating properties of metabolism

Chilli Pepper is the spicy fruit produced by plants of the genus capsicum. Although it is mainly used as a spice it is an ideal vegetable to stimulate metabolism and promote fat oxidation. For this reason it is highly appreciated as support in weight loss programs.

Erysimum and
its benefits for the voice

Erysimum is a herbaceous plant, also called “singers’ grass” because it promotes the tone of the voice and has an emollient and soothing action on the oropharyngeal mucosa.

Rhodiola to face
the fatigue of a frenetic life

The root of Rhodiola is rich in components, such as salidroside and rosavine, whose combination makes rhodiola an excellent ally against prolonged stress in times of change. Excellent even in case of physical and mental fatigue. Finally, it also acts on the mood to overcome even the saddest days.

for the Immunity System

Echinacea is a plant in North America, whose various components bring numerous benefits to our organism. Excellent to support the body’s natural defenses and for the well-being of the first respiratory tract, thanks to its soothing effects on the throat.

Saffron and its
benefits on mood

Saffron brings many benefits to mood and relaxation. Also great for counteracting the disorders of the menstrual cycle.

Chlorella for the
well-being of the intestine

Chlorella is a chlorophyll-rich algae that acts as a purifying and antioxidant especially for the colon. Excellent in case of frequent intestinal disorders or in particular stress situations to restore the intestine to its natural well-being.

Millet for the well-being
of nails and hair

Millet is a cereal rich in carbohydrates, but also proteins and mineral salts, which make it an excellent tonic, especially for nails and hair. It is recommended to use it, especially during season changes.

Tea Tree Oil
and its multiple uses

Useful on many occasions for its characteristic disinfectant and antimicrobial properties, pure Tea Tree oil can be used on the skin in case of sunburn, irritation, insect bites, bladders or pimples; but also for oral use, diluted in water, as mouthwash and in case of intestinal disorders. The best Tea Tree Oil is the one with a high concentration of terpinene-4-OLO.

Curcuma: a plant with countless benefits

Curcuma is a valuable support for well-being: it is in fact a strong antioxidant and its benefits are numerous.

The Rustyback
for the well-being of the kidneys

The Rustyback is a plant that grows among the rocks shattering them. Taken as the dry extract is also an excellent draining. For these properties, it is particularly suitable for our urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra), where it helps to eliminate residues and deposits.

the natural remedy against nausea

Ginger in fact brings benefits during digestion mainly because it helps to eliminate gases. It is useful for those who eat fast, for those who smoke, and for those who frequently drink soda.
It is also an excellent antinausea that can be used by pregnant women or by those who experience a feeling of malaise related to travel by car or boat.

Spirulina and its
properties of Superfood

Spirulina is considered a superfood because of its richness in nutrients. 60% of it consists of vegetal proteins and contains all essential amino acids, and vitamins, especially those of group B, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. All this while maintaining a low caloric value.

Cocoa is
the plant of good mood

On the saddest days, it might be useful to take Cocoa; it promotes a normal mood tone by helping us in these situations. The benefits don’t end here: Cocoa also has a tonic action and supports our metabolism. In addition, its antioxidant properties should not be forgotten.

Ginseng and its
adaptive properties

An adaptogen is a substance that not only gives energy, but above all allows one to face moments of particular stress with the right psychophysical balance, but also changes of season or the challenges of intense daily life. Not all Ginsengs are the same: the best is the “Panax Ginseng Meyer White” for its high concentration in ginsenosides.

Artichoke for the
well-being of the Liver

Artichoke helps to promote proper liver function and is widely recommended as a purifying of the body. Moreover, its bitter character makes it an excellent ally in digestion and in case of excessive intestinal gas.

Banana is the natural remedy
for stomach acidity

The Banana has effects on the stomach, where it controls its acidity, and also promotes digestive function. It is an excellent fruit to be taken in the summer when sweating a lot and losing mineral salts. The banana helps to replenish them because it is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.