We all know the feeling of relief given by air conditioning on hot summer days. It can, however, create annoying disorders very similar to those of the winter season. Let’s see how to avoid air conditioning disorders.

Why does the air conditioning hurt?

Air conditioning is a thermal shock to our body. The elderly, children, and those subject to allergies, colds, and respiratory problems are the most subjects. We can all be subject. The reason is a situation of dehydration, already frequent in summer, of the respiratory tract’s mucosa.

What consequences can it have?

The respiratory tract’s mucosa protects us from viruses, bacteria, dust, and other substances in the air we breathe. It can no longer defend us when it is dehydrated, and our organism becomes more susceptible to attack by external agents.

Throat discomfort, different respiratory disorders (nose, pharynx, larynx and bronchi), hoarseness are some of the most typical consequences of air conditioning.

Next to these, there are problems at the joints and muscles (e.g. torticollis) related to climatization.

Practical tips for living with air conditioning

  • Use the dehumidifier instead of the air conditioner. It limits the harmful effects
  • Clean the filter to breathe clean air
  • The ideal temperature should be around 26 °C, without ever exceeding 7 °C of difference with the outside.

If instead, we cannot control the machinery (e.g. supermarket or other public places), it is a good habit to cover the shoulders and neck.

Cooling by air conditioning: What to do?

With the use of air conditioning, even summer has become a critical moment to strengthen the defences.

Beneficial for frequent disorders are throat sprays, hoarseness supplements and nasal sprays.

What if the problem is muscular?

If the affected part is the joints or the muscles, it is good to act with creams or warming patches, which will help us relax the contractures.


Edited by Dr Silvia Oberti