Certifications - Naturando srl

Our commitment to Nature

More than 45 years ago, we were born with Nature. Our love of Nature, together with our desire to build a future based on the harmonious exchange between people and the environment, means we are committed to respecting and safeguarding the planet.
No ai test sugli animali

No tests on animals

Naturando cosmetics, as well as the raw materials they are made from, are NOT tested on animals.

Spedizioni ecosostenibili

Eco-sustainable deliveries

We also manage the deliveries of our products. We use the most environmentally friendly protective material for the packaging and padding of our products: recycled paper.

Carta da gestione forestale responsabile

Responsabile forest
management paper

Our product packaging is made from paper certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards. This international certification system guarantees the use of raw materials from forests which comply with the strictest environmental, social and economic standards. By choosing this certified paper, and disposing of it correctly, we help to safeguard the planet.

Energia rinnovabile

Renewable energy

Several years ago, at the Bergamo facility, we installed a solar photovoltaic system, with a capacity of 20 kwh, which reduces carbon emissions.

Every day we strive to improve, and invest in renewable energy sources with a view to reducing waste and reducing the generation of CO2 emissions.


Certified Quality

We have been searching for the highest quality Ginseng since the day we were born, and continue to apply the same rigour in the formulation of every product. The certifications and awards received are confirmation of our high standards of efficacy and safety.

Our Certifications

We are constantly engaged in the evaluation of the latest scientific studies, and also the study of the most effective synergies between components. We research and select novel foods and innovative raw materials backed by proven scientific studies.

We text and experiment with extracts to ensure a high level of efficacy. We certify the absence of gluten, nickel, animal derived materials, to deliver a premium quality product which is safe, vegan and suitable for the whole family.

Food Supplements & Health Members

integratori e saluteFood Supplements and Health. We have been a member of the Food Supplements & Health Association for many years.

The most important national association in the industry promoting the correct information and knowledge of food supplements. The association is committed to consumer protection, and focuses on the continuous development of quality and safety standards.

EHPM Nutrivigilanza project

Naturando EHPMEuropean Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers

EHPM is the European association of Health Product Manufacturers. At Naturando, we adhere to the pilot project EHPM of Nutrivigilanza, which aims to collect and monitor systematic data on possible adverse effects from supplements to ensure safety for the consumer.

BIO certification


Naturando has received the BIO Certification that guarantees the products’ conformity with the organic method in all stages of the production chain.

We chose ICEA for our certification, which was among the first control authority in Italy to be accredited for the issuance of BIO certification.

Monde Selection Award

The HWA Gold Seal is the trademark of our Korean Ginseng, a recognised premium quality trademark.

This is underlined by the various international awards, including the gold medal awarded in Brussels by Monde Selection, recognising its superior quality compared to other brands of ginseng. Received consecutively over the years so far.

AIAB certified Bio creams

logo-aiab-cosmetici-naturaliOur BIOCREAMS are made solely from organic and eco-certified plant extracts, which guarantee their safety for persons, along with their protection and respect for the environment.

AIAB certification guarantees that all our ingredients are traceable and of controlled and certified origin.