Company - Naturando srl


We are an Italian company based in the province of Bergamo. Naturando was established in 1975 believing that nature is the core essence of our health, and we continue to engage in the development and marketing of food supplements and herbal medicinal products as well as cosmetic products dedicated to our health and well-being.

We reap the most from Nature

We carry out research in nature, we develop scientifically strict formulas, use titrated and concentrated active ingredients, select the most qualified production partners and control every step of the production chain. This is how we guarantee innovation and safety.

Out widespread medical information and sales networks means we are present throughout Italy in the Herbal Store, Pharmacy and Parapharmacy sectors. We collaborate with various health professionals to provide training and support on all aspects from product presentations to after-sales advice.

naturando azienda vision


We nourish health!

We reap the best from nature and thanks to our strict scientific research we formulate food supplements and herbal medicinal remedies for personal health and well-being.

naturando azienda mission


At Naturando, we are committed to providing the best “wellness concentrates” across the globe.

Using herbal tradition, based on scientific evidence and benefiting from state-of-the-art technologies, we pursue innovation, efficacy and safety that are instilled in our food supplements and phytotherapy products.

Our values



We view persons as the core element of our enterprise. We take care of the health and well-being that is the result of the harmonious cooperation with others and with the environment. We believe in trust-based relationships and therefore invest in the ongoing training of all our health professionals.



We believe that we can find all the solutions for well-being in nature. Our commitment is to use natural raw materials, without contaminating or impoverishing them, and to produce products that are environmentally friendly and respectful to the planet.


We develop each product by selecting substances backed by proven scientific studies, studying the correct synergy between components and performing efficacy tests. Ongoing research for innovative solutions with certified quality.

Italian history

We are a well-established Italian company, on the market for over 45 years. Among the first companies in our country to have believed in natural products and to have contributed to the evolution of these health solutions.