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About us

Naturando is an Italian company with its headquarters in the province of Bergamo.

Since 1975 we have been working to create and market dietary supplements and phytotherapeutic products for personal health, as well as functional products for the wellbeing and beauty of our body.

Thanks to our Research and Development department, we manufacture products that are carefully formulated and highly concentrated to achieve maximum performance through the synergy of various ingredients.

Our extensive medical information and sales networks allow us to spread the culture of natural preparations throughout Italy, within the Herbalist, Pharmacy and Parapharmacy segments. This sales network, comprising highly qualified staff, guarantees support from presentation of the product to after-sales advice.



Naturando quality is already admired in many countries around the world.
To date, we have formed international partnerships in over 20 nations. Our aim is to build long-term relationships so that we can grow together.

We enrich health through research and testing

We harness the best that nature can offer, incorporating its virtues into over 150 products through standardised active phytotherapeutic ingredients, selecting the best qualified partners for production, and controlling each step of the manufacturing chain in order to guarantee the highest levels of safety for the consumer.

Basing our methods on herbalist traditions, but with the benefit of new technologies, we perform meticulous scientific research aimed at developing innovative, effective and safe products that also fulfil our ethical principles.
In this way we deliver the best “wellbeing concentrates” that nature can offer in terms of health and beauty, without contaminating or depleting them.

Quality is given priority with each product we develop. This quality is achieved by applying research and scientific rigour to all stages, but also the correct combination and synergy between ingredients to optimise their properties.


Strict with ourselves

We at Naturando are the first to try our products. This is only one of the many steps involved in testing and fine-tuning the best formula in terms of effectiveness. We are strict at all stages, and only if the product proves to be safe and effective will we offer it to our customers.

Founded on quality

Before our company was founded, in 1975, we travelled the world in search of the best quality Ginseng; we identified IL HWA Korean Ginseng as being the extract with the best properties. After subjecting it to rigorous scientific tests and experiments, even in Italy, we gave it our “Gold Seal”.

For over forty years IL HWA “Gold Seal” Ginseng has been considered by all to be the finest on the market. This quality has resulted numerous awards, one of which was the international Gold Medal awarded by Monde Selection in Brussels in recognition of its very high quality compared to other types of ginseng.

A standard that continues

Rigorous selection led to identification of this valuable root and the IL HWA extract has become the standard applied in the search for all raw materials used in Naturando products.

Over the years we have developed a great many products, providing the best that nature can offer to enrich our health in the best possible way.
Driven by a past built on enthusiasm and dedication, we look to the future by working in the present to create new, effective solutions to the most common complaints.

Love for Nature

We were founded over 40 years ago in harmony with Nature. We still believe today that the key to our health can be found in Nature. It is our love for Nature that makes us committed to respecting the environment.

A photovoltaic system of 20 kWh, to reduce CO 2 emissions.

The packaging used in all our products is made from certified paper.
The system of international certification guarantees that raw materials come from forests where the strictest environmental, social and economic standards are enforced.

Environmentally friendly choices also concern the shipment stage of our products. The packaging and packing material inside the boxes holding our products are made of the most environmentally friendly material available: recycled paper.

Steps towards the future


Our vision for the future? Drawing on our sound experience, we continue to march forwards, encouraged by success founded on dedication and innovation. Believing in ourselves.

Innovation also means passing on the knowledge and experience accumulated in over 40 years of research. The new generations in the company already work alongside the founders so they can learn and grow, day after day, and continue along the same path with passion and a responsibility for enriching health.
New areas to explore and new discoveries to be made await us.

This is how we are: always in motion, with a declared commitment: To enrich Health.

Every day…

Every day we enter our headquarters, a stone’s throw from Bergamo, to find the best solutions for health and wellbeing.

Every day we work to improve relations with our customers, creating a continuous dialogue through our services.

Every day you can call us for a professional answer targeted to your needs.