Adipoxan Pancia Piatta

Abdominal bloating? – With digestive enzymes

30 capsules
Gluten Free
Lactose Free


• Anise, Fennel and Ginger promote the elimination of gas and the regular intestinal motility.
• Garcinia is useful for controlling body weight and promotes lipid metabolism.
• Frangula promotes digestive function.


Tyndallized probiotics, Enzymix (mix of digestive enzymes), dry extracts of Garcinia, Ginger, Anise, Fennel and Frangula.

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Recommended dose and method of use

Take 2 capsules a day, one after each main meal.


Each capsule contains:

Tyndallized L. plantarum HA-1191,5 billion
Tyndallized L. acidophilus HA-1221,5 billion
Ginger d.e.50 mg
   1% gingerols, equal to0,5 mg
Anise d.e.50 mg
Fennel d.e.5 mg
   0.5% essential oil, equal to0,25 mg
Garcinia d.e.50 mg
   60% hydroxycitric acid, equal to30 mg
Frangula d.e.25 mg
   7.5% glucofrangulin A and B, equal to
1,875 mg
Enzymix (consisting of):25 mg
   Amylase750 DU
   Protease1500 HUT
   Glucoamylase1 AGU
   Lipase37,5 FCCLU
   Cellulase150 CU
   Lactase250 ALU
   Pectinase3,5 endo-PG units


It should be used while on a suitable low-calorie diet that is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and a good level of physical activity. If the diet is followed for extended periods of more than 3 weeks, we recommend consulting a physician.


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