Calming effect on gastro-intestinal discomfort

• Enhances digestive system function: Turmeric
• Promote regular gastrointestinal motility and the elimination of intestinal gas that is often the cause of abdominal bloating: Lemon balm and Caraway.
• Helps in the case of abdominal spasms: Caraway.
• Help to balance intestinal bacterial flora: Lactic cultures.

30 Gastro-resistant capsules
Gluten Free

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Turmeric, Lemon balm, Caraway, Hericium, Lactic cultures.

Take 1-2 capsules a day.

Each capsule contains:

Hericium d.e. 300 mg
   Polysaccharides app. 90 mg
Turmeric d.e. 200 mg
   Curcuminoids app. 190 mg
Lemon balm 200 mg
  Rosmarinic Acids app.
8 mg
Caraway d.e. 140 mg
B.Bifidum Tyndalized 24 mg

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