Ginseng Il Hwa Sigillo Oro – soft extract 20 g

Pure Korean Ginseng – soft extract

20 g jar
Gluten Free


• Ginseng is useful for its tonic and adaptogenic effect.
• 100% pure soft extract of Korean Ginseng.
• From fresh and ripe roots.
• Low-temperature extraction: to ensure the integrity of the natural components.


Pure Korean Ginseng IL HWA Gold Seal.

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Recommended dose and method of use

Take 1 or 2 measuring spoons pure or diluted in hot or cold water.
1 measuring spoon contains 500 mg (0,4 ml) of Ginseng. Each measuring spoon contains 1 gr of Ginseng.

Why choose IL HWA Golden Seal

• Particular cares in the cultivation with natural fertiliser.
• Only use of whole korean roots: prime, fresh and ripe.
• Low-temperature extraction to ensure the integrity of the natural components.
• Vacuum-packed to ensure all the natural actives.
• Biologically pure from pesticides and agrochemicals.
• Free from colours and preservatives.
• Total range of ginsenosides that comes from the whole root.


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