Lattasi 15.000 bottle

15.000 units of Lactase

• Lactase improves the digestion of lactose in people that have difficulty in digesting lactose.
• Fennel and Caraway promote digestive function, regular gastrointestinal motility and the elimination of gas.

40 gastro-resistant tablets bottle

Gluten Free
Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for children from three years old

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Lactase (β-galactosidase), Fennel, Caraway.

About 30 minutes before meals take of 1-2 capsules a day in relation to the quantity of lactose consumed.

The gastro-resistance of the tablet allows Lactase to reach intact the first intestinal tract, where it exertsits function. Lattasi is responsable for the digestion of Lactase, splitting it into glucose and galactose.

Each tablet contains:

Lactase 15.000 FCC
Fennel d.e. 80 mg
Caraway d.e. 50 mg

Lactase: This is an enzyme that breaks down the lactose molecule into its two constituent sugars, which help to promote sugar digestion. It can be used in anyone that has difficulty digesting lactose.

Fennel: Distinction is made between wild fennel, which grows naturally, and sweet fennel, which is cultivated primarily for its fruits. It helps to eliminate gastrointestinal gas.

Caraway: The fruits have a pungent flavour similar to anise and an aroma that is derived from the essential oils it contains. The dry extract regulates intestinal motility and digestive function. Due to its essential oil it is also used in cosmetics.

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