ZanzaFree Integratore

Food supplement containing  Wild Rosemary

30  Capsules

Without Glutine

Suitable for Vegans

Openable capsules

Suitable for children from three years old.


Food supplement containing Wild Rosemary (Ledum palustre), Sage, Brewer’s yeast and Vitamin B1.

Unique product: news on the market with a formulation based on Salvia, Ledum marsh and vitamin B1.
For the whole family: from adults to children over three years.
Openable caps: even for those with swallowing problems.


Wild Rosemary, Sage, Beer yeast, Vitamin B1.

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Recommended dose and method of use

Adults and children over 10 years old: take 2-3
capsules a day.
Children from 3-10: take 1-2 capsules a day.
The capsule can be swallowed as-is or opened and dissolved in the mouth with some water or other liquid.


1 capsule contains:

Ledum Palustre d.e 75 mg
Sage d.e 75 mg
Brewer’s yeast 50 mg
Vitamin B1 6,255 mg 568 %VNR


*Nutrient Reference Values – Reg. no. 1169/2011


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