Dolofren Gel

Massage Gel

Soothing effect: its components make it ideal for massages aimed at promoting joint mobility.

Fresh effect: given by Menthol and cinnamon essential oil, which gives quick relief.

Practicality of use: the gel is not sticky and is indicated for massages.

20 years of success: product appreciated by our consumers for over 20 years.

100 ml Tube

Nickel Tested

Dermatologically Tested

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Devil’s Claw
Boswellia Serrata
Aloe Vera gel
Reasun® (Turmeric extract)
Cinnamon and Ginger essential oils

Apply, up to several times a day, on the areas to be treated, and rub in until absorbed.

Devil’s Claw: It owes its name to the four complex appendages present on the fruits, which can cause wounds to the animals, forcing them to “angry” movements. Important for its soothing functions at topical level. 

Arnica: It is a mountain plant that grows spontaneously in the Alpine regions and is known for its emollient properties. It is rich in essential substances and oils allied with well-being. 

Boswellia: It is a tree native to India from whose resin is obtained an extract, with soothing properties at the topical level. 

Menthol: When you come into contact with menthol, for example by applying an ointment, you feel a feeling of cold. Also, on a topical level, it has a soothing action. 

Aloe vera gel: On the fleshy side of the leaves of Aloe, an opalescent gel is obtained. It contains several substances including, mucilages, vitamins, minerals, saponins and glycoproteins. On a topical level, it has emollient action. 

Camphor: It is a waxy substance, with a strong aromatic smell, found in several plants, but is extracted mainly from the wood of the Cinnamomum camphora, a large evergreen tree. 

Turmeric: Herbaceous, perennial plant, of which rhizome is mainly used. It is currently also used in Italian cuisine. At topical level, it causes a feeling of well-being in the area of application. 

Cinnamon: It is one of the most famous and used spices in the world because of its unmistakable scent and flavor. Of this plant is used the bark, in the form of dry extract. If applied locally, refresh the treated area. 

Ginger: is a herbaceous plant with a fleshy and branched rhizome, native to the Far East. It is rich in gingerol and is known for its properties in counteracting states of localised tension.

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