Riparo Gola Spray

Rapid relief – always with you

• Anise and Licorice are useful for the health of throath.
• Peppermint promotes the functionality of the upper airways.

Spray 25 ml
Gluten Free
Suitable for children from three years old

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Propolis, Licorice, Peppermint, Anise.

Spray the product twice into the mouth. Repeat up to 4 times a day.

8 sprays contain:

Licorice d.e. 0,04 ml
Propolis d.e. 0,02 ml
Peppermint e.o. 0,02 ml
Anise e.o. 0,01 ml

Propolis: Bees collect the resin produced by trees to repair “wounds” in their bark, enriching it with valuable ingredients to transform it into propolis. Its consistency allows it to adhere to the walls of the throat.

Liquorice: It is primarily the roots (at least 3-4 year old) of the liquorice plant that are used. The smallest, dried roots are used to make traditional liquorice sticks, while from the others a black liquid is extracted containing high levels of glycyrrhizin. This substance helps to maintain throat health.

Mint: This aromatic herb with an intense flavour gives the product a very pleasant taste as well as offering benefits to the upper respiratory tract.

Anise: This is a flowering plant native to the Eastern Mediterranean region and Asia. It has somewhat sweet flavour, an aroma similar to fennel seeds and a slighty minty aftertaste. It helps to sooth an irritated throat or pharynx.

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