A snapshot of Italians reveals that:

  • 46% are overweight
  • they spend on average at least 9 hours a day sitting down
  • 23.5% are over 60 years old

All these are risk factors for joint and muscle problems. The results of the Global Pain Index (GPI) survey, a global research project on pain, therefore come as no surprise: 90% of Italians have at least once in their lives suffered from joint and muscle pain.

This situation is likely to worsen due to our use of devices, sedentary jobs and smart working. Continuous poor posture can lead to contractures, back pain and neck pain, as well as joint problems.

If over 70% of Italians lead a less active life because of these problems, in what situation will we find ourselves in a few years?

How do we approach the consumer?

As well-being consultants, it is up to you to be the first to provide a solution:

  1. Create awareness: the first step is to give advice on how to avoid these problems. This may include losing weight and prioritising a more active lifestyle, even in normal daily life.
  2. Identify the cause: distinguishing between muscle and joint disorders is not always simple. Let’s look at several differences that may help you to identify the cause of the problem:
1. Swelling, heat in a localised area of the body

2. Stiffness in the joints with difficulty in performing joint-loading movements (e.g. climbing the stairs)

3. Frequent and constant pain

· Adults over 60 years old

· Overweight people

· People who perform work or sports that wear out the joints

· Sedentary people

1. Pain in a larger area of the body

2. Difficulty in performing certain movements that improve after the muscles have warmed up

3. Occasional pain for limited periods of time.

Sports people with injuries

People with poor posture, e.g. caused by office work.



  • Recommend the correct treatment: as we can see, it is not enough to remove the pain, we need to act on the cause, so that the treatment is long lasting. For this reason Naturando has developed a 3-step method for providing targeted, personalised advice.

A complete approach for muscle and joint disorders

Thanks to the new products in the DOLOFREN line, you can create a specific treatment for the various symptoms:

          1.SOOTH THE PAIN

Obviously the customer’s first request is to remove the pain, and to meet this need the DOLOFREN line has been completed with the new DOLOFREN PATCHES, soothing patches that relieve muscular pain due to contractures, stiff neck, back pain, and joint pain.

Dolofren Patch Cerotti Terapeutici


Patch technology involves the continuous release of active ingredients, including Devil’s Claw, Arnica and Willow, guaranteeing rapid relief, but also cover for 24 hours.

The greatest advantage of these patches is their multifunctionality: they can be used for many different types of pain. Even if the causes of muscular or joint pain cannot be identified, this is an effective first approach.



If the problem involves the joints then the cause – cartilage – must be tackled.

Naturando’s solution is DOLOFREN ARTICOLAZIONI, a dietary supplement in a convenient stick pack with a dual action:

Dolofren Integratore muscoli articolazioni


  • SHOCK ACTION: containing a high dose of Methylsulfonylmethane (1 gram/day) together with Devil’s Claw, beneficial to joint function, it helps to maintain supple joints as well as normal mobility.
  • ACTION ON THE CAUSE: it also promotes cartilage health thanks to the presence of Vitamin C, which helps to form collagen. The product also contains the precursors of joint cartilage.

The major breakthrough lies in these latter ingredients, because it contains plant origin Glucosamine and PhytodroitinTM, a plant complex containing mucopolysaccharides from algae, which mimics the structure of chondroitin. It is an alternative to 100% plant chondroitin.

It is one of the few supplements on the market with a dual action and is also suitable for vegans.

In addition, the stick pack format, to be taken without water, means that it is practical to carry around and take when needed, for example when the discomfort is most acute.


DOLOFREN GEL, our gel that has been highly prized for 20 years, is always available for all those situations when muscle and joint pain compromises mobility.

Dolofren Gel Massaggio


The presence of different plant ingredients, such as Devil’s Claw, Arnica, Boswellia and Turmeric, together with its ability to deliver a cold effect make the gel excellent for rapidly relieving the complaint, particularly in the case of swelling.

The pleasant texture of the product, which is absorbed quickly and does not dry out the skin, is ideal for massages to help joint mobility.


Written by Dr. Laura Rubini