A good digestion is the secret for being lighter.

Organise your meals

Sometimes our eating habits are inappropriate; for example drinking Cappuccino at breakfast can cause swelling from early in the morning.
The better suggestion for a good digestion is to match appropriately nutrient with similar digestive procedures in our meals.
Every food needs different gastric conditions to be digestive, for example proteins need acidic environment and carbohydrates need basic environment. Digestion can be slow with the intake of both in the same moment and they can cause fermentation and development of gases in the stomach.
Avoiding the wrong digestive association, body can absorb in a faster way the nutrient, avoiding problems.

6 mistakes to prevent

  • Avoid the combination of milk and coffee: the coffee’s acidifying activity causes coagulation of milk’s proteins, making the digestion difficult. At breakfast is better to combine animal milk (even if milk is better) only with barley coffee or cocoa. Tea and coffee are suggested to be drunk alone, far from meals.
  • Do not eat salad after the first course, because raw vegetables stay for long time in the digestive tract, causing fermentation and intestinal gases. The best thing to do is opening meal with the raw vegetable salad, before the carbohydrates. In fact, vegetable prepares efficiently the intestinal environment and hydrates the food helping the intestinal transit, contributes to develop the sense of satiety. Cooked vegetables can be eated before and after first course.
  • Do not eat fruits after a meal because it causes fermentation and gases. Fruits are the best refreshment, it is better to eat them during the morning because it is full of simple sugar.
  • Avoid the assimilation of carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal, because they need different gastric environment.
  • Avoid the combination of food of the same category in the same meal; for example bread with pasta, cheese with meat because it causes difficulty in digestion.
  • Avoid the combination of proteins and fat: fat can hinder the digestion of proteins. For example: meat with butter or fried fish.

4 anti-swelling food

Promoting the elimination of gases is possible, with natural substances.
The most famous are:

The have carminative effect, they eliminate the gases, they promote the digestive function and the gastrointestinal motility (fennel is rich of fiber). Fennel helps in case of belly’s spasms and ginger has an anti-nausea action.

A specific help against swollen belly

These substances can be used alone or in combination, improving their action.
The dietary supplement based on these ingredients, can be taken when you feel discomfort, in every moment of the day.
Some other dietary supplements, associate natural ingredients with the carminative substances to blend of digestive enzymes (like amilase, protease, lactase and others). In this case, it is better to take them after meal.


By Dr. Emanuela Corain